Kotchman at 1st tonight

The lineup for tonight’s game includes first baseman Casey Kotchman, the first time he has started a game since June 23.

Ichiro is back in right field after spending last night’s game as the designated hitter and Michael Saunders moved up a notch, going from ninth to eighth for the second game of the three-game series against the Tigers.

Russell Branyan, who brought a seven-game hitting streak with him from the Indians, has extended it to 11 games, the longest of his career. He is not in tonight’s lineup.

— Jim Street


  1. ars1

    Why is Branyan not in the line-up? He was really starting to show great promise increasing his BA average to the .270 mark, while at the same time, winning game after game with long homers and basehits in late innings. Not to mention his career-long hitting streak. Isn’t that what WAK should looking for? Confused????? Smoak needs to go down to the minors and earn his way to the show like everybody else does. I do believe Russell Branyan had a couple hundred homers in the minors before finally gettting a chance last year and his back seems to be 100 percent now. Wasn’t it his back issue that supposedly kep’t Seattle’s GM JZ from sigining him anyway? He didn’t look hurt over at CLE. He did nothing but bash HRs there before the Seattle GM went out of his way to re-acquire him. The fans deserve to see Russ hit “everyday”. That’s what they pay for…right? Player development for young players like Smoak should be done in AA & AAA and Kotchamn already had his chance with his -.200 BA the entire season till somebody shows up that has done it “all year”. What an injustice to Seattle, Russ and his family! Give me some insight here Jim??

  2. ars1

    Okay Wak. I read your quotes from today’s article above. You say Smoak can help, and then say Branyan has a 5 million dollar mutual contract with the Mariners in 2011. Which is it? Smoak, or Branyan? Mixed messages and double talking. You can only put one on your lineup card. We’ll see. Don’t worry though, I’ll be keeping you in check and watching closely. That’s what I do, and I’m not scared to say what I think. I want to believe, but recent actions from Seattle’s front office, and management, say otherwise. Quit jerking Russ around, either play him or trade him. I might be outspoken at times, but I will speak up for the fans, for what is right, and also, “WHAT IS WRONG”! There’s talkers and do’ers! I’m a do’er and played professionally. Jim, what gives here? So many mistakes by these people who control fan base and million dollar players! It’s like Bavasi’s reign, “it’s deja vu all over again”-(Quote by Yogi). Let’s give all the money to the wrong people, trade (just so we can say we traded and look important) and “JACK AROUND AS MANY PLAYERS AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE HE CAN”!!! Get him out of there! He still thinks he’s a scout building an organization full of “future stars” rather than the job he was given to work with the players that are already proven and MLB ready players! Owners, you have made a big mistake with this want-a-be GM! Get him out of there!

  3. ars1

    Smoak it is PALS. Get ready to lose for the remainder of the season. Maybe even 100! Russ was on pace to have another breakout year before you snatched him away from CLE and benched him in Seattle. Very high ranking scouts I have spoken with said Russ would hit 35-45 HRs this season during his “very recent” 14 game hitting streak, so I guess the only way not to look bad to MLB, the fans, your team, and the owners was get your finger on him and stop his progress. You know, kinda like keeping your enemy as close as possible to you so you can control him. You are out of control, sir. You won’t see .500 baseball again so I hope you enjopyed last season because this season has developed into “the season from h-e-l-l for the city of Seattle”, as far as baseball goes. Only by the grace of God goes Russell Branyan. God Bless you Russ+++

  4. ars1

    One more thing then I’m done with you here; you’re lucky he didn’t bang that toe into something else rather than stumbling on table trying to close a hotel window curtain at 5:00AM Pacific Time Thursday morning, if you know what I mean. Just use your imagination if you don’t know what I mean; you’ll figure it out! Jim, I apologize in advance and commend you for a job well-done considering “the multitude of mistakes” that have come to Seattle on a conveyor belt from ole Jackie boy these past ten months. Peace Out Readers and Shakers,
    Do right

  5. bigdogpappad

    I feel sorry for Seattle Fans. Seattle has the worst Manager and General Manager in MLB to go with the Majors worst hitting lineup. For Christmas I bet the fans want a time machine to either fast forward to Thanksgiving 2010 or go back to last year before the management team made these stupid trades. Quick Question: How many first baseman does an MLB team need? FOUR if you are as stupid as Jack Zduriencik. Spring Training – Kotchman is our Man, great glove and a 280 average. Well lets add Mike Sweeny since Kotch is in a little slump and while we are at it we will blame the hitting coach and we’ll fire him while we are at it. Wait, wait, its June so lets panic and add a POWER Bat to the line up and bring back Russell Branyan after we let him walk away in the off season and it will only cost us Carrera (AAA Center Fielder) and Diaz. Oh yeah we forgot, he’s 34 so lets go get that young prospect Smoak from Texas for Cliff Lee since he was not coming back anyway. Has anybody asked what your teams real needs are? You need a THIRD BASE MAN and a BULLPEN that can hold a lead after 7 innings. You must be kidding me! Felix is 7-7 with a 2.86 ERA, if I was him I would be asking for a trade to a team that is run like a baseball team, not some dysfunctional high school bunch of yahoos who get in a scrum in the dugout because the overpaid second baseman that can’t hit for his weight in average can’t play the ball instead of the bag on a routine double. You want to be patient with Smoak when he should be in AAA and the BEST DEFENSIVE FIRST BASE MAN in the Bigs is being sat down when he’s batting over .300 the past 2 weeks. Yeah lets have Smoak at First and Casey either DH’ing or sitting. Play him or trade him to a team that still recognizes that 2 runs SAVED a game is the same thing as producing 2 runs with your bat. Time to get a REAL GM instead of that wannbe joke you have now along with talking head manager who does not know the game better than a little league coach!

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