Lots of rain, but no more Sweet Lou

As you can tell from the photo below, it is raining like the dickens here in the Big Apple.

It took awhile, but the umpiring crew finally decided at 2:38 p.m. ET to cover the field and send the players inside their respective clubhouses.

Rookie left-hander Luke French was on the short end of a 5-0 score and it wasn’t all his fault. Sure, he surrendered a grand slam to Robinson Cano in the fifth inning, but a misplay by Ichiro in right field did not help.

It has been  brought to my attention that Franklin Gutierrez should have been called “safe” in the top of the fifth inning. Turns out TV replays showed that Yankees catcher Jorge Posada had the ball in his bare hand and not his glove when he tagged “out” Guti, who was trying to score from second on a hit to right by Adam Moore.

Gee, a mistake by an umpire. What a surprise.

Meanwhile, it is a sad day around the big leagues — Lou Piniella will retire effective today.

His mom, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing at her Tampa home about 15 years ago, is in poor health. She is a pistol and after talking to her for more than an hour, I realized where Sweet Lou got his spunk.

He will be missed.

This just in — they are removing the tarp!! Almost time to Play Ball again!!

— Jim Street
rainy day in ny.jpg

One comment

  1. boop35

    Just another argument for instant replay! I saw noone dispute that call. Where was Brown? Where were the other Umpires? Where was a single Mariners player? There should be instant replay on any disputed calls on the big screen at every ballpark. That would be “instant”! No more going into the clubhouse to see what the fans already know. Home runs are not the only important plays in a game.

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