August 2010

Moyers continue pitch for charity

There are few charitable organizations in the country that mean more to a certain area than what the Moyer Foundation means to the Northwest in particular, and also nationally.

Jamie Moyer, the former Mariners pitcher who ranks second in franchise history in wins and currently plays for the Phillies, continues to raise money and awareness through he and his wife Karen’s foundation.

An annual event that pumps funds into research, Karen Moyer will host a 12-hour marathon on Thursday (7 a.m.-7 p.m. PT) on WARM-FM (106.9) to raise money for “The Gregory Fund,” dedicated to early cancer detection research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

It is part of the Moyer Foudation’s 7th annual Catch a Cure for Cancer national campaign.

This year’s campaign has special meaning to Karen as her father, Digger Phelps, was diagnosed and underwent successful treatment for prostate cancer.  Phelps is a college basketball analyst with ESPN.

— Jim Street

Lots of rain, but no more Sweet Lou

As you can tell from the photo below, it is raining like the dickens here in the Big Apple.

It took awhile, but the umpiring crew finally decided at 2:38 p.m. ET to cover the field and send the players inside their respective clubhouses.

Rookie left-hander Luke French was on the short end of a 5-0 score and it wasn’t all his fault. Sure, he surrendered a grand slam to Robinson Cano in the fifth inning, but a misplay by Ichiro in right field did not help.

It has been  brought to my attention that Franklin Gutierrez should have been called “safe” in the top of the fifth inning. Turns out TV replays showed that Yankees catcher Jorge Posada had the ball in his bare hand and not his glove when he tagged “out” Guti, who was trying to score from second on a hit to right by Adam Moore.

Gee, a mistake by an umpire. What a surprise.

Meanwhile, it is a sad day around the big leagues — Lou Piniella will retire effective today.

His mom, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing at her Tampa home about 15 years ago, is in poor health. She is a pistol and after talking to her for more than an hour, I realized where Sweet Lou got his spunk.

He will be missed.

This just in — they are removing the tarp!! Almost time to Play Ball again!!

— Jim Street
rainy day in ny.jpg

A double-steal (finally) for Ichiro, Figgins

The series opener against the Yankees was not even an out old when we witnessed a first this season.

Ichiro Suzuki and Chone Figgins, who entered the game tied for sixth in the AL with 30 stolen bases, pulled out a double-steal. Yep, none of their previous thefts came on the same pitch.

Russell Branyan, the team leader in home runs, hit his 17th of the season immediately after the double-steal.

In his seven starts since the All-Star Game, right-hander Felix Hernandez was supported by five runs — total.

Branyan’s three-run home run must have knocked Felix’s socks off.

— Jim Street

Let the managerial rumor mill begin

You can count on one thing between now and the moment general manager Jack Zduriencik introduces his next manager — every big-league manager wannabe will have his named mentioned somewhere.

Not surprisingly, it already has started.

Five days into his new job, interim manager Daren Brown has company among those who would like to manage the Mariners going forward.

Surprise, surprise, Bobby Valentine’s has emerged front and center, becoming one of the first to have himself associated with his so-called “dream” job. If memory serves, Valentine has been a candidate for every managerial job opening in the past several years, even when he was in Japan.

Friends of friends of friends of friends of his — some of them in the media no doubt — have made it be known that the Mariners job is one of “great interest” to him.

And, if the Reds are unable to re-sign Dusty Baker to a new contract and Baker leaves — possibly to Seattle, which he always has considered one of his favorite cities, Bobby V. probably would become a candidate there as well.

But getting back to the Mariners, there is little Joey Cora, who was runnerup to Don Wakamatsu almost two years ago. He has no previous managerial experience, but Joey has been Ozzie Guillen’s right hand man for several years now with the White Sox and maybe some of Ozzie has rubbed off on Cora.

You can count on the rumor mill churning out names like Tony LaRussa, Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell, Alan Trammell, and perhaps even Joe Torre if he decides to leave the Dodgers and, you might recall this guy — Lou Piniella, who has announced that this will be his final year as the Cubs skipper.

No, no, no and no. It will not be Lou.

My guess is that Jack Z will accept every call from a “prospective” candidate, put him on his list of “potential” candidates, allow Brown the opportunity to manage the team the remainder of the season and get down to business finding a “permanent” manager in October, announcing that lucky guy in early November.

But, if you have name in mind as two whom the next Mariners manager should be, send me a note. I’m sure Jack Z doesn’t mind having a looooooog list of candidates..

— Jim Street