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Felix and Greinke: Comparing the numbers

As you know, Felix Hernandez makes another pitch for the Cy Young Award in tonight’s series opener against the Jays at Rogers Center, or as they spell it in Canada, Centre. Go figure.

From all indications as we speak, Felix and the Royals’ Zack Greinke are running 1-2 in the Cy Young Award race, not necessarily in that order.

Greinke probably gained a few votes earlier this week when he beat the Red Sox for his 15th win.

For my own in-room entertainment, I compared some numbers:

1. Hernandez has a 10-3 record against teams with winning records this season while Greinke is 6-4.

2. Hernandez has a 2.15 ERA (35 earned runs in 146 1/3 innings) against teams with winning records while Greinke has a 0.57 ERA (6 earned runs in 95 innings) against teams with winning records.

3. Hernandez is 5-1 against probable playof teams and Greinke is 4-2.

4. Felix has pitched at least seven innings 21 times, two more than Greinke.

5. Felix faced the Dodgers, Giants, Padres and D-backs in Interleague Play. Greinke faced the Astros, Pirates and D-backs.

6. Hernandez’s longest winning streak was seven games, one more than Greinke.

7. Felix has 10 no-decisions, two more than Greinke.

8. The Mariners scored 21 runs in the five games Hernandez lost, the Royals scored 15 runs in the eight games Greinke lost.

9. Felix plays for a team that averages 3.95 runs per game (last in the AL) while Greinke’s team scores an average of 4.24 runs per game.

So there you have it.

My guess is that this battle will go down to the very end of the regular season. Both pitchers figure to have at least two starts remaining and it’s really too close to call.

— Jim Street