Junior clearing fences in early BP

There might be a little extra adrenaline flowing through Ken Griffey Jr.’s body today.

He is participating in early batting practice — and driving balls left, right and center, over fences in each direction.

The BP pitcher is left-hander Rick Adair, who obviously lacks a few mph on his fastball compared to pitchers Griffey faces after 7 p.m.

The fallout from his reported snooze in the clubhouse accelerated last night after the game.

Winning pitcher Cliff Lee was answering questions when he suddenly stopped, looked to his right and saw Larry LaRue, the excellent baseball writer from the News Tribune — a friend and competitor of mine since 1988.

For this night at least, Lee — and several other players — were boycotting “Lash” because of the article linking Junior to the snoozing incident in the clubhouse, which turned out not to quite accurate.

How long the boycott lasts is anyone’s guess, but another writer never likes to see another one get singled out like that. But, it’s a tough business, more so now in the Internet era than the old newspaper era we grew up in.

There is good news for the hitters tonight — the temperature is actually nudging 70 degrees. What a concept!

One of the press box attendants (someone even older than me) told me it was colder last night (45 degrees) at game time than it was on Opening Night last month (46 degrees). I believed him.

But it is shirtsleeve weather right now (3:30 p.m.) and might be even warmer for tomorrow’s day game.

In the meantime, shortstop Jack Wilson was placed on the disabled list with a back of the knee tendon ailment and Matt Tuiasosopo was recalled from Triple-A Tacoma. Mike Wilson, meanwhile, was promoted from Double-A West Tennessee to Tacoma. The Rainiers are currently in Nashville for a series.

It’s almost time to journey to the clubhouse and gather some information, some of which will be passed along in this blog.

And here is the starting lineup:

1. Ichiro, RF
2. Chone Figgins, 2B
3. Casey Kotchman, 1B
4. Jose Lopez, DH
5. Matt Tuiasosopo, 3B
6. Ryan Langerhans, CF
7. Josh Wilson, SS
8. Adam Moore, C
9. Michael Saunders, LF

LHP — Ryan Rowland-Smith 

— Jim Street

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