A few Cougs, and a trip back in time

There was a Cougar spotted in the public relations office this morning.

Actually, three Cougars, including former WSU Sports Information Director Rod Commons.

Jeff Evans, the Mariners assistant public relations director (and WSU grad) introduced me to Commons — all decked out in WSU garb — and asked if he knew Pat Caraher. I had never met Pat, but knew of him through his dad, Joe, the late, great publisher of the Herald & News in Klamath Falls, Ore.

I was a freshman at College of the Siskiyous in 1964 when Joe hired me for the summer, beginning a career that has lasted a long time, going on 46 years. Yikes!

Joe was among the best people I’ve ever run across, and a proud WSU grad.

Well, standing a few feet away was Pat Caraher. A small world in a small room. We agreed that his dad and my first boss in the newspaper business was a classy guy to say the least.

The trio is in town for a few days to watch the Mariners and a bunch of other teams during a visit to the Cactus League.

— Jim Street

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