A touch of class in Peoria


jack z.JPG

There is nothing in GM Jack Zduriencik’s contract that requires him to take a few minutes from his busy day to sign a few autographs.

But a regular sight at the Peoria Sports Complex is the Z-man walking a few extra steps on his way into the offices to stop and put his signature on a ball, picture, or whatever.

The early-arriving fans appreciate the time.

— Jim Street.



  1. ciege_20@hotmail.com

    The interesting aspect of this isn’t that Zduriencik is taking the time to sign the autographs, it’s that the fans are actively seeking it. How often do you see that?

  2. jeff1947@live.com

    Not just Jack! Late afternoon on the 24th the Ms were preparing for a night game with on a dozen or so fans mingling around the practice fields. In the enclosed batting cages three Ms were hitting of the tee, Kotchman, Sweeney and Josh Wilson. Three young boys, 11 to 13 yrs were peering through the fence when one of the Ms engaged them in conversation, needless the say they were speechless. The conversation continued when one the the Mainers invited the boys into the batting cage for a few hitting tips and to hit off the tee. Additionally the boys were given autographed balls and had pictures taken with the gracious Mariner. Needless to say, those witnessing this were also surprised at what was taking place. It was a Chris Mathews moment, sent a tingling sensation down everyones leg!! Any guess who the Mariner was that provided these boys a memory of a lifetime? I have witnessed this same Mariner when leaving the Ms complex, stopping and exiting his vehicle and engaging a young boy physically challanged in a wheel chair. The other sixty or so players exiting didn’t stop or acknowledge this individual. This Mariner is a leader by example and an inspiration to everyone – he is Mr. Mike Sweeney

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