Following the Mariners on radio-TV this spring

The Mariners’ rising popularity throughout baseball was evidenced even more yesterday when it was announced that two of Seattle’s Cacus League games will be shown on the MLB Network.

Games against the Brewers on March 8 and Padres on March 24 will be shown nationally. In addition, In addition, FSN Northwest will carry the Rockies/FSN Rocky Mountain telecast of the Mariners game on March 18. FSN Northwest already had scheduled six other telecasts.

The entire Spring Training schedule, with broadcast information:

Date Opponent Location Time Radio/TV

Wednesday, March 3 San Francisco Giants Peoria 1:05; ESPN 710

Thursday, March 4 San Diego Padres (Charity Game) Peoria 1:05

Friday, March 5 San Diego Padres Peoria 1:05

Saturday, March 6 San Diego Padres Peoria 1:05 ;ESPN 710

Sunday, March 7 San Diego Padres Peoria 1:05; ESPN 710

Monday, March 8 Chicago White Sox (ss) Glendale 1:05

Milwaukee Brewers (ss) Maryvale 1:05; MLBN

Tuesday, March 9 Cleveland Indians Peoria 1:05

Wednesday, March 10 Texas Rangers Surprise 1:05

Thursday, March 11 San Francisco Giants Scottsdale 1:05

Friday, March 12 Kansas City Royals Peoria 1:05; ESPN 710

Saturday, March 13 San Francisco Giants Peoria 1:05; ESPN 710

Sunday, March 14 Colorado Rockies Tucson 1:05; ESPN 710

Monday, March 15 Arizona Diamondbacks Tucson 1:05

Tuesday, March 16 OFF DAY

Wednesday, March 17 Rangers, Peoria,  7:05; ESPN 710/FSN

Thursday, March 18 Rockies, Peoria,  1:05; FSN

Friday, March 19 Reds, Goodyear, 7:05; ESPN 710

Saturday, March 20 Diamondbacks, Peoria, 1:05;  ESPN 710/FSN

Sunday, March 21 Angels, Tempe, 1:05 ESPN 710

Monday, March 22 Athletics, Peoria, 1:05

Tuesday, March 23 Angels, Peoria, 1:05 ESPN 710

Wednesday, March 24 Padres, Peoria, 7:05 ESPN 710/MLBN

Thursday, March 25 Indians (ss), Goodyear, 1:05 ESPN 710

Royals (ss), Surprise ,1:05

Friday, March 26 Reds, Peoria, 1:05 ESPN 710

Saturday, March 27 Dodgers, Glendale, 1:05; ESPN 710

Sunday, March 28 Cubs, Peoria, 1:05 ESPN; 710/FSN

Monday, March 29 Athletics, Phoenix, 1:05;  ESPN 710

Tuesday, March 30 OFF DAY

Wednesday, March 31 Rangers, Surprise, 1:05; ESPN 710

Thursday, April 1 White Sox, Peoria, 12:05; ESPN 710

Friday, April 2 vs. Rockies, Albuquerque; 5:05; ESPN 710/FSN

Saturday, April 3 vs. Rockies, Albuquerque, 12:05; ESPN 710/FSN

Sunday, April 4 Giants, San Francisco, 12:05; ESPN 710/FSN

All Times Local, unless noted

Daylight savings begins March 14 (Arizona and Seattle time same)

(SS) split squad game

— Jim Street


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