Goofy e-mails

I find it interesting that the impending trade with the Red Sox for slick-fielding first baseman Casey Kotchman for two players that are totally expendable is being questioned.

For example, an e-mail from seaboy3 said:  “(I) do not like this trade at all. The Mariners need simply one thing.. Left handed batting power. Why hasn’t “Dr. Z” gone for Adrian Gonzalez over the winter? The M’s will not match the Angels in the division if we have no power. Sign Vladimir Guerrero or someone like that, they need POWER.”

For one thing, to give up someone like Adrian Gonzalez, the Padres are going to ask for (drum roll) FELIX HERNANDEZ. Duh. A Gonzalez-for-Ryan Langernhans deal is just not going to fly. And Vladimir Guerrero? Sorry, but he’s over the hill, pal.  Who would he replace — Ken Griffey Jr. as the DH or Ichiro Suzuki in right field?

Look at it this way: The Mariners are better off with with a Gold Glove-caliber first baseman who rarely strikes out than not having one of its top pitchers.  Kotchman puts the ball in play and was developed in the Angels organization.

I also find it interesting that the Z-man, GM Jack Zduriencik is getting his hands on as many Angels as he can. Most of the Seattle coaching staff once worked for the Angels and now you have Chone Figgins and Kotchman coming on board.

As the saying goes, If you can’t beat ’em, get ’em.

And if you can get ’em without giving up the likes of Felix, go for it.

— Jim Street

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