Big D stands for Big Drench

“Push ’em back, push ’em back, way back!”

Excuse me for the phrase usually associated with football, but the starting time for today’s double-header between the Mariners and Rangers has now been pushe back to 2 p.m. PT — at the earliest.

The infield at Rangers Ballpark, which was a muddy mess in the late innings on Saturday night, is covered with a gray tarp, which has been used way too often the past few days.

This three-game series against the Rangers reminds me of the four-game series that was supposed to be played in Cleveland a couple of years ago but was snowed out. At least it isn’t snowing here, but it has been raining here for most of the past three days. Not sure what it meant, but I just heard someone page “Noah”.

I have made a promise to myself to NEVER, EVER again complain about the rain in Seattle.

We received word about two hours ago that the opener, slated to start at 10:30 a.m. p.m. PT — 1 1/2 hours later than originially announced. But that optimistic outlook just bit the dust.

Manager Don Wakamatsu just had his pre-game media chat and said Doug Fister would start Game 1 no matter what and Felix Hernandez would start second game, pending the playing conditions.

There also is more talk about the Mariners staying in Arlington overnight and playing a makeup game on Monday afternoon, which would be followed by the regularly-scheduled Rangers-Athletics game. That is not likely to happen because it’s such a bad idea.

It would make more sense to play the one or two remaining games at Safeco Field on the final weekend of the regular season — if the Rangers are mathematically alive in the playoff race(s).

Meanwhile, catcher Adam Moore was expected to arrive any moment now and be in uniform if there is a game or two today.

He spent last night in Sacramento, where Triple-A Tacoma was eliminated from the PCL playoffs. Third baseman Matt Tuiasosopo and pitcher Garrett Olson will join the team later today, while pitcher Carlos Silva returned to Seattle and will rejoin the Mariners on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the rain keeps falling here in Big D — Big Drench.

— Jim Street

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