a big Hi from the Big A

It is about 3:30 p.m. and Angels Stadium is full of Angels.

The AL West leaders — and soon-to-be division champs for the fourth time in five years — are taking batting pracice. Standing just inside the right field line, though, is a player dressed in dark shirt, gray pants and his legs are going this way and that way.

It really hurts to watch Ichiro stretch, but he’s so darn limber at age 35.

Some of never could do some of the things he does.

The press box has playoff atmosphere. Most stations are occupied — by Japanes-based reporters. There must be a thousand of Far East scribes here. Well, maybe not that many, but I barely have room for my computer and scorebook.

The Japanese press are really friendly. Not sure they are talking to me, but they are saying “Hi” a lot.

Anyway, time to go down stairs to the clubhouse and catch up after being away from the team for the past four days.

— Jim Street

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