Adair takes on the pros — golfers, that is

The Boeing Classic is being played in Snoqualmie this weekend,and three of the players in the Champions Tour event are at Safeco Field for a closest-to-the-pin contest.

First up is Mariners pitching coach Rick Adair, a fine golfer, indeed — but not quite as good as his son.

Adair hit the first ball to the right of the pin, the second to the left of the pin and the third one just short of the pin. I have seen him putt and he would have had three birdies.

Andy Bean’s first shot was a little right of the target, the second one right at it, but long, and third one a bit left. His best shot was 8 feet 2 inches away. Closest so far.

Jim Thorpe is up next. . .and he skulled one..yikes!!! The second shot is sweet, reminding me of one of Kirby Arnold’s typical shots — majestic. Kirby, by the way, is old enough to be on the Champions Tour.

Now it’s Fred Funk’s turn. Short. Short. And a good one. But it’s 8 feet, 6 inches away and we have a winner — Andy Bean. For winning, Bean gets a green jacket — a slightly different shade of green than the one they hand out in Augusta.

The senior will be playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Snoqualmie.

— Jim Street

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