Good news for Beltre, bad news for Bedard

The medical news on third baseman Adrian Beltre is good, but not so good for left-handed pitcher Erik Bedard.

Beltre, who suffered a “severely contused right testicle” in the ninth inning on Wednesday night, was examined by a specialist on Friday and surgery will not be necessary. Beltre has been told to have complete rest for a week and then resume baseball-related activities.

It would appear that the chances are good that he can return when his time on 15-day disabled list expires.

Meanwhile, Bedard is out for the season.

He underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder this morning and Dr. Lewis Yocum discovered that Bedard’s labrum was torn — a serious injury for a pitcher. Bedard will be in a sling for about three weeks and faces a six-month recovery period. In addition, but less serious, there was inflammation in his bursa.

Though the injury is not career-threatening, Bedard becomes eligible for free agency at the end of the World Series and might have thrown his final pitch for the Mariners.

Further details will be announced later today.

— Jim Street

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