Trader Jack II at it again; Morrow to Tacoma

Another day, another trade. It looks like MLB has its next “Trader Jack”, the monikor given to Jack McKeon when he was a busy GM back in the day.

Yuniesky Betancourt gone on Friday, Jack Hannahan acquired on Saturday.

Some of us thought it would take two players to replace third baseman Adrian Beltre and it looks like we were correct. I would expect manager Don Wakamatsu to platoon Hannahan and Chris Woodward at the position as both have similar games — good defensive players that have been offensively-challenged for most of their careers.

The addition of Hannahan to the 25-man roster means someone must go before tonight’s game. Infielder Josh Wilson has not been used a lot — actually, he has not been used at all, really — and he could be the one departing. That would be my guess.

Meanwhile, it’s happy 10th birthday to Safeco Field. It looks as young today as it did a decade ago when it opened to much fan-fare and celebration.

Stay tuned for the next roster move.

The move just came down and right-hander Brandon Morrow is going down to the Minor Leagues. He was optioned to Triple-A Tacoma to work on a breaking pitch and further develop command of his fastball.

He simply needs to learn how to pitch and the organization decided the best thing for him is to pitch in an environment with less stress. 

— Jim Street



    Hey Jim, I told you back in spring training that Shelton is the real deal. I am glad the M’s are going to give him a look. He is a VERY solid player and a great guy on the clubhouse. He could be a good piece for the future as well since he is still young…enjoy your all-star break!!!

  2. chairap

    Hi Jim
    Do we have a chance to trade for “Halladay”. He would make for a nice addition to our pitching staff. It would be costly, like trading Beltre, and bunch of our minor league pitchers. Is there a chance for us to get a good pitcher. Also Jim if you would go over previous trades. Like Jamie Moyer, Raul Ibanez, Franklin, and how did we fair with trading such good players. Thanks Jim

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