Random thoughts from the press box

It is Saturday afternoon at the old ballpark (the third-oldest in the Major Leagues) and I feel fortunate to have driven back and forth from my hotel headquarters and not been 1) rear-ended or 2) stopped by a policeman for not coming to a  complete stop at a stop sign.

It has been a tough driving weekend for my esteemed colleagues Larry LaRue and Larry Stone. I have reached the conclusion that they are 1) good writers and 2) lousy drivers.

Early batting practice just ended and Bruce Hines has left the mound. He seemed to be overpowering Wladimir Balentien, who might have been working on something which caused a few too many balls from leaving the batting cage. Either that or Hines has some good stuff.

Stoney is a long-time Dodgers fanatic and life-long fan of Sandy Koufax. So I just took a picture of him (Larry, not Sandy) in front of one of the paintings outside the press box. Stoney reciprocated by taking my photo with Duke Snider, my all-time hero, next to my dad.

By the way, my fellow scribe talked (begged?) his way out of getting a ticket and my other esteemed colleague is feelilng better after the rear-ender. His new nickname is “nails” as in — he’s as tough as nails.

Not really, but don’t tell him.

The clubhouse beckons, so better get back to work. I think Junior wants to give me an exclusive interview.

Tough day for Stoney, the best baseball scribe at the Seattle Times — by far. He stopped Griffey at mid-sentence in the clubhouse. Junior was pontificating about which outfield alignment he prefers when, he stopped, looked at Stoney and said: “Is your shirt turned inside-out?”

Yes it was.  

And now for the Mariners starting lineup:

1. Ichiro, RF

2. Russell Branyan, 1B

3. Adrian Beltre, 3B

4. Ken Griffey Jr., LF

5. Jose Lopez, 2B

6. Franklin Gutierrez, CF

7. Rob Johnson, C

8. Ronny Cedeno, SS

9. Felix Hernandez

— Jim Street


  1. shep1

    Seems like this would be an appropriate thread to recognize Ken Griffey, Jr. for his unselfish works in the community this past Saturday. This past weekend, Ken Griffey, Jr. joined forces with Orlando Hudson and Juan Pierre in Los Angeles at an inner-city recreation department. Click on the following Link to get the rest of the story:-) http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news;_ylt=Aio9k2bzaNtgEbljAdypGBoRvLYF?slug=ti-hudsonclinic062909&prov=yhoo&type=lgns
    I had the distinct honor to join forces with Ken Griffey, Sr. in an inner-city situation very similar to this one in Tampa, Florida. Just goes to show, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Click pics below from Griffey, Sr.’s work in FL. The first one is Griffey Sr. and I giving the player a look:

  2. shep1

    Here’s the team photo taken with the inner-city program and camp that day with Griffey, Sr. in Tampa:
    I’ll never forget that day and especially, Ken Griffey, Sr.’s unselfish act of giving back to the community. These two gentlemen are beacons to the community and I’ll never forget the true-life factual story I asked Griffey, Sr. to share with me on the back to back HR’s in Seattle. He said in an humble soft-spoken tone, “my homerun ball went farther than my son’s did”-Quote by Griffey Sr.
    God Bless the Seattle Mariners and the Griffey family:>)

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