Comparing two nail-biting Mariners teams

It’s 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning and I can’t sleep, so now what?

Well, start the coffee, feed the guinea pigs (Mr. Phab and Pumba), turn on the (over)-used and abused computer and compare the Mariners’ 27 one-run games so far this season to the first 27-one run games of the 1993 season, which started on the exact same day (April 6) and included a club-record 56 one-run games before it ended in early October.

That was Lou Piniella’s first year, way back when his hair was jet-black and his temper was red-hot.

Anyway, that Mariners team had a lot in common with the one we’re watching this season when it comes to nail-biters.

Here are some comparisons of the first 27 one-run games each team played.

*The ’93 team included a young Ken Griffey Jr. The ’09 team includes a “seasoned” Junior.

*The ’93 team scored 10 runs once, nine runs once, eight runs twice, and seven runs twice. The ’09 team scored nine runs once and eight runs three times, but never scored seven or six runs in any of its first 27 one-run games. Of course, the ’93 team played half of its games inside the hitter-friendly Kingdome.

*The ’93 team played nine extra-inning games, including two 14-inning marathons, while the ’09 team went into overtime five times, including a 15-inning affair.

*The ’93 team scored 114 runs in the first 27 one-run games and allowed 123. The ’09 team scored 101 runs and surrendered 98 runs.

*The ’93 team played its 27th one-run game on July 7. The ’09 team reached that mark on June 6.

*The ’93 team played one 1-0 game, and lost. The ’09 team played four 1-0 games and won three of ’em.

*The ’93 team played four consecutive one-run games between May 11-15 (they were off on May 13). The ’09 team played four consecutive one-run games from May 1-4 and were tied 1-1 after nine innings on May 5. The Rangers scored six runs in the top of the 10th.

*The ’93 team had a 9-18 record in its first 27 one-run games. The ’09 team was 15-12.

*The ’93 team finished the season with an 82-80 record. Stay tuned for the ’09 win-loss record.

And there you have it. Now, doesn’t your morning coffee taste better?

— Jim Street

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