Sweeney KOd by back spasms

OAKLAND – Designated hitter Mike Sweeney left Tuesday night’s game with lower back spasms, an ailment that has plagued him off-and-on during his first season with the Mariners.

Sweeney doubled to right field in the first inning, reaching second with a head-first slide.

He apparently aggravated his back on the slide, but may have done more damage when he tripped over the third-base bag trying to score on Russell Branyan’s ensuing single down the right field line.

Sweeney was stranded at third when second baseman Jose Lopez grounded into a double play.

When he was due to bat again in the third inning, Sweeney was replaced by Ken Griffey Jr.

Sweeney, 35, went into the middle game of the three-game series against the Athletics with a .232 batting average, two home runs and nine RBIs. He has shared the DH role with Griffey.

— Jim Street

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  1. seaninfl


    Hoping you can answer this for me. I am not a Mariners fan per se’, but I like to keep track of all the teams in the league, especially the young players in a teams system.

    Jeff Clement has been brought up a few times in the last few years and never really been given any extended playing time. Its a game here, game there, and if he doesn’t step in and go 4 for 4 they sit him even longer before sending him back to the minors.

    He has been hitting pretty well on the farm as of late and when Johjima gets hurt and is out for 6 to 8 weeks you would think the M’s would take this chance to see him in the lineup every day and take a look at him long term. Yet rather than call him up, they instead call up a Double A catcher to act as the backup?!

    So I have to ask, if they are really this down on Clement, why do they not trade him while he still has some trade value? I am sure the Red Sox would listen if you called. Calling up a guy from AA has to send a message to the league about what you think of him, lowering your leverage even more. Are they trying to ruin his trade value or just his career?! Look forward to reading your thoughts.

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