Music and more at Safeco

If you are anywhere between downtown and Everett, the music you hear is coming from behind home plate at Safeco Field where guitarist Mike McCready is practicing the National Anthem on his really, really, really loud sound system.

Not that it’s loud, but I am trying to transcribe an interview that’s on my recorder and have absolutely not chance of hearing anything other than the guitar.

But he sure sounded good — and loud.

On another subject, Adrian Beltre is back in the lineup at third base and taking some extra batting practice as we speak, and Yuniesky Betancourt is back out of the lineup at shortstop, replaced (again) by Ronny Cedeno.

There are rumors out there that trade talks are ongoing between the Mariners and Pirates regarding Yuni and Jack Wilson. Nothing would surprise me, although I haven’t had anyone in the organization willing to discuss the subject.

Betancourt seems to be falling off the ship because of his lack of focus. He could be so much better if he could maintain his concentration.

Anyway, time to get this posted before the music resumes.

— Jim Street

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