Yuni gets seat on the bench

The lineup is out for tonight’s game and guess who isn’t in it.

If you guessed Yuniesky Betancourt, you win. But a few thousand others probably saw this coming. 

Betancourt could be a terrific all-around shortstop, probably one of the best in the Major Leagues, but he has tendency to lose focus on offense and defense.

His lackadaisical play in Tuesday night’s loss to the Rangers was especially bad in the eyes of manager Don Wakamatsu, who said after the game that some changes were forthcoming.

While only one change was made, Ronny Cedeno started at shortstop, the message sent was clear.

It might take a few more changes for the Mariners to have some success against right-handed pitchers. They are 9-15 against right-handers and that is no acceptable.

Betancourt’s focus, or lack thereof, isn’t the only blemish on the team, but it is one of the most glaring, so a step was taken to either get him to concentrate, or sit him for awhile.

— Jim Street

One comment

  1. unitispat

    Your an idiot Street! Yuni has more career Errors (73) than he does Walks (62)! Dont believe me? Look it up! You cant keep treating him loke a rookie, he has 1980 total at bats. It’s time for him to ride the pine for a while, maybe you should too.

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