A windy welcome

Greetings from Las Vegas.

Not that it is windy here, but the batting cage just moved about 10 feet towards the pitching mound. That is not a good sign for a pitcher in tonight’s game between the Mariners and Rockies.

The Mariners arrived from Peoria about an hour ago and I’m sure it was a bumpy landing. My colleague, Larry Stone from the Times, said the final 30 minutes of his flight last night was among the bumpiest he ever been on in his life.

He was so happy to have a safe landing that he got off the plan, put a quarter in a slot machine — and won $5…Nice investment.

The lineups are here:

1. Endy Chavez, LF.

2. Franklin Gutierrez, LF.

3. Adrian Beltre, 3B.

4. Russell Branyan, 1B.

5. Mike Sweeney, DH.

6. Rob Johnson, C.

7. Wladimir Balentien, RF.

8. Ronny Cedeno, 2B.

9. Chris Woodward, SS.

P. Jarrod Washburn.

— Jim Street

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