Cremin in his element, and thats no bull

Kevin Cremin, the Mariners’ long-time radio engineer, spent a few minutes of yet another day off discussing his itinerary for Tuesday.

He’s not doing a whole lot actually,which leaves him a lot of time to talk about his favorite subject — food, and that’s no bull. Speaking of bull, he might be riding one tonight, either just before dinner, or soon afterwards.

Cremin explained that he and his radio-engineer colleages from other Major League teams having Spring Training in the Valley of the Sun are gathering on the Saddlebranch Chop House tonight for their fourth spring bash, where they discuss such things as the “Gaffe of the Year.”

Padres Hall of Fame announcer Jerry Coleman ususally wins award.

Cremin, an Oklahoma native, admitted that of all the engineers in the building tonight, he would be the most likely to ride a mechanical bull similar to the one featured in the movie “Urban Cowboy” starring, among others, Debra Winger. My money is on the bull.

As for gaffes, Cremin has had a few during his 27 years of making Dave Niehaus and Rick Rizzs, along with other booth legends, sound good.

There was the time in Spring Training a few years ago when Cremin had all of his radio equipment — about four big suitcases full of stuff — all set up and ready to go for a Mariners game against the Rockies at Hi Corbett Field in Tucson.

One problem: the Mariners were playing the White Sox at Tucson Electic Park. Cremin frantically repacked the gear, sweated bullets and high-tailed it to TEP, where the show went off without a hitch. That was a big “whew”.

Another time, on getaway day of out Spring Training, Cremin packed the radio gear and had it put on one of two trucks — one taking equipment back to Seattle and the other destined for Denver. Cremin figured the radio gear was going to Coors Field. Wrong. He walked into the visiting clubhouse, looked for his cases full of radio stuff, and found nothing.

Now totally franctic, Cremin somehow found the equipment necessary to broadcast a baseball game.

And there was the night an earthquake rumbled through Seattle during a Mariners game at the Kingdome.

For some reason, the Oklahoman recognized what was happening, and blurted out — over the airwaves — “We’re having an earthquake, let’s get the (heck) out of here!”

The comment still ranks as one of the most memorable in Seattle broadcasting history.

— Jim Street



  1. the kid 24

    GREAT!!!!,piece on Kevin Cremin Jim and like always….keep them coming. i REALLY like the one when Cremin( at the Kingdome at the time) blurted out over the airwaves,”we’re having an earthquake,lets get the(heck) out of here)”. my favorite one of them all, Jim. so FUNNY!!!. and Jim….stay sharp and funny pal. Thanks.

  2. fredpark

    Jim, I’ve been following the Ms, radio of course at first, from day one. There were some great years, and we mourned the time when Rick Rizzs was gone over to Detroit, and then cheered when he returned. But that’s not why I am commenting.
    Last summer sometime I began having these recurring nightmares, dream episodes, about the 1962 Mets; about how the Mariners were once almost on a pace in ?08 to surpass that fabled team, and gaining even, for a week or two. Later in the season, of course, the Ms broke down and began winning games. The quirky errors slowed somewhat. The improbable pitching lapses and weird injuries disappeared for a while. Then there developed that slight clubhouse dissention that finally kept Ms from reaching the total innocence that so defined the lovable ?62 Mets. At that point my nightmares ceased. I felt blessed.
    Recently, though, Jim, the nightmares have begun again in which the Ms outdo those old Mets in ?09. I can’t stand it.
    Jim, in the episode last night I saw Russell Branyan slickly field a sure double-play ball and then strangely pause to decide the best place to throw it, and for a second or two he faded out and I was looking at Marv Throneberry. It was slow-motion horror, Jim. You know how dreams are. I never got to see the outcome of the play. I hated that. But I stared at the ceiling in the dark for a couple of hours thinking about it and thinking how much sleep I?m going to be missing, and how all the other guys are just as talented and even more likable than last year, almost too good to be true, almost like those old Mets. It?s horrible to contemplate. Say it isn?t so, Jim. Say it can?t happen again. Tell me everything is gonna be okay.

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