Griffey plays Peoria

It is a beautiful night here at the old ballyard in Peoria for the P.M. version of the day-night doubleheader.

The Who is playing over the loudspeakers, but it’s the What that I have no idea what they’re singing.

The Ken Griffey Jr. coming out party in left field is about 30 minutes away and you can watch it on FOX Sports Northwest. Former Griffey teammate and third baseman extraordinaire Mike Blowers, a U-Dub product, will handle the analyst chores.

The night lineup has some names you will notice — Franklin “All Yours” Gutierrez (CF), Yuniesky  “Take none for the Team” Betancourt (SS), Ken “The Man” Griffey Jr. (LF); Adrian “The Hoover Dude” Beltre (3B); Russell “Banyan Tree” Branyan (1B); Mike “Sweetie” Sweeney (DH), Jeff “Roger’s Pal” Clement (C); Mike “Fence-buster” Wilson (RF); Chris “Woody II” Woodward.

And pitching will be left-hander Ryan “Upside-Down” Rowland-Smith.

— Jim Street

One comment

  1. hbringer

    Jim – With regards to Yuni (mentioned both here and in the recent Mariners website article): Why do they think he’ll start suddenly displaying patience at the plate when he never has before? Did previous coaching regimes not enforce any consequences of his failure to listen/change? We’ve got enough utility / infield players from trades or the minors that we could run a platoon out there and get better situational hitting and run production (not just AVG), and not give up much in terms of defense…

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