Roster sliced by 10

This just in: The Mariners sent 10 players to the Minor Leagues, including 34-year-old right-hander Denny Stark, who is trying to return to the big leagues following injury setbacks.

Stark was re-assigned to no specific roster, along with right-haned pitchers Eric Hull and Luis Munoz, left-handed pitcher Chris Sneddon and outfielders Freddy Guzman and Prentice Redman.

Pitchers Luis Pena and Justin Thomas were optioned to Triple-A Tacoma while right-handed pitchers Stephen Kahn and Marwin Vega.

— Jim Street

One comment

  1. fredpark

    Mr. Street:
    You’re not getting enough comments yet, and I think it is because fans haven’t learned that your former “mailbag” has now become a real forum.
    At least, that is what I think happened. I don’t recall being able to participate in the past.
    Keep it coming, please.
    Hey. This guy Wilson had a fine night. A great assist, too, from RF to Third Base. All I watch is the live box score, but it seems to indicate a strong arm.

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