Have blog, need reciprocal bloggers

Now is the time for all good bloggers to come to the aid of their mariners.com blogger.

If all goes well, interaction between the reader/writer (or blogger/blogger) would occur somewhere out there in the wide-open Internet world.

The ground rules are simple: I blog, you blog back, I blog again (when I have time, which is not a lot of, by the way).

If there’s a blog you really like, let me know. If there’s a blog you don’t like, complain and I will do my best not ignore it. Remember, critical comments make me, err, uhhh, well…tick.

The more comments you deliver, the merrier.

Directions: Take your cursor to “comments” and click; look for “sign in…”, put your curser on “sign” and click again. That should allow you to respond.

If not, call me a knucklehead.

Good luck.

— Jim Street


  1. toddjkirby

    jim, i could probably produce you new questions every day, but it will get a little embarassing if I am on the only one.

    here we go, my folks are at spring training (as you know since you’ve mentioned my mom in your blog), and have told me numerous times that Griff has everyone in the dugout or practice fields laughing all the time and is really bringing a nice lighthearted environment to the team. is that going to continue when Carlos Silva and Ichiro return from the WBC?

  2. flojo428@aol.com

    Jim, Is it me or is Chris Shelton the best offensive player the M’s have? I dont understand why there is not more hype on him? He was a monster prospect for the Tigers, but had a bad 2 months (and then they traded for Sean Casey and they had no playing time for him). Can you tell me the status of him making the team and actually getting some playing time 1B or DH (and wasnt he also a catcher? Why not get him some playing time there)? Thanks!!!

  3. fredpark


    I check your blog several times a day. I often get jewels of insight and information that way. I appreciate the long experience and level of judgment that you bring to the game.

    I agree with toddjkirby above that Shelton shows some real promise.

    And I appreciate the blog yesterday about Tuiasosopo. Too bad he has to go back down, but if I were running the Mariners I’d get Beltre on the trading blocks asap.

    For a few years, the team has had some flashy players who were short on the basics. Bettencourt is another, and probably Jose Lopez (all in my opinion).

    We need guys like Yogi Berra who simply got the job done.

    I have hesitated to comment in the past because I am just an old fogey who is out of touch with the times, apparently.

    But since you invited me . . .

  4. jwright@finpac.com

    I don’t usually blog but i had to comment and ask a question that is concerning me. Are we purusing the waiver wire for every broke down maybe can get healthly pitcher in the majors or minors because our pitching is that absymal? I mean it appears absymal right now but is it really that bad? I’ve been following the mariners for 30 years and you hear don’t worry it’s just spring training and it doesn’t mean anything. But the Mariners pitching has been awful. What do you think, is it really as bad as it has appeared?

  5. redwarf

    My question is the same as sschanen’s. What happened to the spring training broadcasts? I was happy to learn that KIRO received the contract, and now instead of getting more coverage, we have less. Is it because MLB is broadcasting the games (which you have to pay to listen to)? I really don’t like the amount of microcontrol MLB has over the industry — from the teams webpages to dictating what time the games are played — and please don’t tell me it’s for the fans. When you have a beautiful “outdoor” stadium replacing the cave (Kingdome) then schedule all Saturday home games for evenings, wtf? Waddya think, Jim? The more games fans are able to listen to, the more they may think of trekking to Seattle to catch a game in person. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder. I have a friend who became a Braves fan (here in Washington) because for years, the only baseball he could watch was the Braves on TBS.

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