The Bobblehead sked is out

The sale of single-game tickets for the 2009 season begin on Saturday and you might want to browse right to your favorite website (that would be, I hope) and make plans to attend games of your choice — like August 7, when the latest, greatest, Ken Griffey Jr., Bobblehead will be given away at Safeco Field.

This, of course, is a late addition to the latest collection. Previously-planned Bobblehead Nights are: Ichiro Suzuki (April 7), Felix Hernandez (May 22), Brandon Morrow (June 19), and Franklin Gutierrez (July 24). It will be the first Bobbleheads for Morrow and Gutierrez and congrats to them and I am still waiting for the first Jim Street Bobblehead Night. Could be a long wait, actually, and, as someone in the front office said: DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH! First up would be Geoff Baker Knucklehead, err, Bobblehead Night.

This is old hat stuff for Ichiro, who has been a Bobblehead fixture since his arrival to this side of the Pacific in 2001.

Besides the roster cuts made this morning, Griffey was doing a little “cutting up” himself, walking around the clubhouse with a smile on his face.

He walked into the pitchers’ dressing area and, with Erik Bedard nearby, said, “The man has no butt so it’s got to be a high hamstring.”

Now, if Junior had an injury to the same area, it would be called the “gluteus MAXimus”.

Former Mariners left fielder Phil Bradley — probably the most talented player at that position in franchise history — visited camp today, representing the Players Association. He is one of Executive Director Don Fehr’s right-hand men. Fehr, by the way, also was in camp to meet with the players.

Bradley said he was sorry to hear that my old newspaper, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, could be shutting its doors in a week.

That is a bummer, especially for such talented scribes as the Go-2 Guy and Mr. Hickey-son, as I call him.

— Jim Street

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