Morrow ill, Sweeney preps for DH debut

A difficult week for right-hander Brandon Morrow got a little worse today.

Already slowed with tightness in his right forearm, Morrow had flu-like symptoms this morning and was invited to vacate the premises until he feels better. The flu bug has infiltrated camp, starting with Mike Morse a couple of weeks ago.

Heck, even KIRO-radio reporter Shannon Drayer has been under the weather. She hasn’t exactly lost her voice — never a good thing for a radio personality — but when she doesn’t whisper, she sounds a little like a diminutive chain-smoking truck driver.

Bench coach Ty Van Burkleo was a little ill today, but he’s the camp coordinator and the show must go on.

During his morning media session, manager Don Wakamatsu said the Dodgers have agreed to use the designated hitter rule during Saturday’s game at Camelback Ranch, which means Mike Sweeney will make his Mariners debut in the DH role. He tuned up for the debut with another simulated game this morning on Field 6 at the Peoria Sports Complex.

The DH rule is not used at National League ballparks during the regular and postseason, but most NL teams allow it to be used in Cactus/Grapefruit League games. 

— Jim Street

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