Rowland-Smith thinking of way to show true colors

Wandering minds come up with the strangest ideas sometimes.

Take Mariners left-hander Ryan Rowland-Smith for example. He was lying in bed the other night and his mind was going a mile a minute when he suddenly came up with a brilliant idea.

“I thought it would be pretty cool to rip off my Mariners jersey during the Australian National Anthem before Wednesday night’s game and show off a green and gold T-shirt,” he said this morning. “But I still don’t have the T-shirt they (Aussie officials) promised, so I guess I’ll just have to sing along.”

Rowland-Smith said it was a tough to pass up an opportunity to play for Team Australia in the World Baseball Classic. He has no regrets about the decision he made, but he figured the Superman-like gesture would enable him to show his true colors prior to the game between the Mariners And Aussies at Peoria Stadium.

And who will he be rooting for?

“That’s a tough one,” he said.

Former Mariners outfielder Chris Snelling, who will play for Team Australia, has been a Rowland-Smith house guest the past few days.

The Aussie team leaves for Mexico City later this week to prepare for its Classic opener against Mexico on Sunday.

“If they can beat Mexico, I think they will make it to the second round,” Rowland-Smith said. “That’s the big game for them. If they beat Mexico and take care of South Africa, I think they will advance.”

Cuba is the fourth team in the Pool B field.

— Jim Street


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