The bag is coming back

For the one or two (hopefully more) readers out there in cyberspace that have missed the Mariners Mailbag, a weekly (or weakly) staple on the Mariners site the past few years, it’s coming back.

It has a new name — Inbox — but the ground rules are the same. Fire questions my way and I’ll do my best to answer as many as I can.

Until further notice, the best way to communicate, and we are in the communcation business you know, is to send me an email through my MLB account, which is top-secret and sworn to secrecy.

Well, not really. Send your queries to and remember, include your name and city where you live, use words that any five- or six-year old fan can understand, no swear words because those emails will be 1) immediately deleted or 2) forwarded to USS Mariner.

Have fun, but don’t ask me about who the team is going to trade, acquire, fire or hire. No one tells me that until the move is signed, sealed and delivered.

— Jim Street

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