Lights, camera, action

Got some news for ya this fine Tuesday morning.

No, it’s not about the impending status of Ken Griffey Jr., although word out of Orlando a few minutes ago indicated that his decision on whether to sign with the Mariners or Braves could be delayed until tomorrow. The reasons: Alex Rodriguez’s press conference in Tampa.

This bit of news is about the usually-popular Mariners television commercials, which will be filmed Thursday and Friday at the Peoria Sports Complex. The players involved in the next batch of 30-second ads — the 15th year anniversary bunch — are pitchers Felix Hernandez, Ryan Rowland-Smith and Ichiro, who actually filmed his latest commercial in Seattle. Manager Don Wakamatsu also is featured this year.

As part of the 15th year of the ads, Mariners Hall of Famers Jay Buhner and Edgar Martinez will take a trip back into time and reflect on some of the early commercials.

It will be the 100th commerical of the long-running series.

Fans have asked how they can get their hands on the commercials. Boy do I have good news for you. Kevin Martinez, the Mariners’ director of marketing, said fans attending the the July 10 and August 28 games at Safeco Field will receive a DVD with 50 commercials each on them.

The newest commericals will debut in mid-March.

— Jim Street

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