A bag misinterpreted

It doesn’t take much these days to cause a clubhouse stir, especially when the still-unsigned Ken Griffey Jr. is involved..

Such was the case at the Braves’ Spring Training complex this morning when players walked into the clubhouse and saw a Seattle Mariners equipment bag sitting a couple of lockers away Chipper Jones’ locker.

The first thing that came to mind was: Junior is in the house!

Not so fast.

As it turned out, the bag belongs to Greg Norton, who played for the Mariners early last season.

Meanwhile, there is nothing new on the Griffey-signing front. He is expected to make a decision on where he’ll play — Seattle or Atlanta — in the next 48 hours.

The biggest news out of camp this morning was manager Don Wakamatsu and third baseman Adrian Beltre discussing at length about the clubhouse being so divided last season that it led to discontent and who knows how many losses.

Check it out later today on the Mariners web site.

— Jim Street

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