Rowland-Smith straddling the fence on WBC

Mariners left-hander Ryan Rowland-Smith says he will decide in “a couple of days” whether to pitch for Australia’s World Baseball Classic team or stay with the Mariners and concentrate on earning a spot in the five-man rotation during Spring Training.

The 26-year-old from New Castle, Australia said it has been a “tough, tough decision trying to figure it out.

“But ‘m going to make a decision and live with it,” he said.

The Australian WBC team, which will prepare for the Classic in Peoria early March, lost both of its games in the inaugural 16-team event three years ago. Rowland-Smith was not on the team, electing to pass because he didn’t think his left arm was prepared enough.

“I’m on the fence right now,” he said.

So, how will he announce his decision?

“I was thinking about doing it on the MLB Network,” he quipped. 

— Jim Street


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